Mwinika People Group News

Phil and Elin Henderson had a fun-filled and busy December.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh with Franco, Heide-Mari and Waldo are serving as ‘Church Planters’ in South East Africa.

Phil and Elin Henderson don’t often get the chance for several uninterrupted months in the village and they have been determined to take advantage of it.

It is encouraging to know that when the task seems impossible, His praise is awaiting Him.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh are learning to grow through the storms of life.

A trip to Australia and Kenya in the same month but God was faithful.

Praise the Lord for the way He is drawing people to Himself among the Mwinika.

What has God been doing through His Word and the power of His Spirit?

Two new works have been opened this year.

Mwinika believers are growing and taking more ownership of the ministry.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh ask for prayer for their neighbour.

A whole team again among the Mwinika

Francois and Nadia Hattingh ask for prayer that their two vehicles can get exported from S. Africa and then imported to Mozambique in the next week.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh with Franco, Heidi and Waldo are at the end of their home assignment. Recently Francois and Nadia Hattingh received a call from some friends (who at one time were fellow missionaries in Mozambique). They wanted to give Francois and Nadia their 4x4 truck and their Toyota Condor. Just like that, both of their vehicles!

The Hattingh family have encountered many weird and wonderful things during their time in their passport country of South Africa.

The Hattingh family are on home assignment in South Africa so they can rest!

Despite the trials, many prayers have been answered.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh and family have been experiencing a whole lot of things piling up.

Continuing the work among the Mwinika people

Francois and Nadia Hattingh with Franco, Heidi and Nadia