Daapoi, a Dao Bible teacher, is passionately giving away the Gospel to those around him.

Missionaries prepared a program for them but they had no where to meet.

The Wano people are hearing lessons about Jesus and asking good questions.

More than 100 Mois are hearing about the life of Christ.

Traveling through difficult terrain is becoming the norm for missionary Cori Gervasi as she trains to be a culture and language consultant.

The Moi Bible teachers are through the third week of evangelistic Bible lessons.

The Wano people are seeing that God really is great as they listen to Bible lessons.

Rachel Searcy is sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with Punan women and working on Acts in Punan.

Despite a recent murder, the Moi people gathered for the first day of another round of evangelistic Bible teaching.

Missionaries were not allowed to keep treating a 3-year-old Arimtap boy who has malaria.

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