Naomi Christenson and Cori Gervasi have come a long way in working alongside the Sekadau people while speaking their language and performing cultural tasks.

A mother who had complications in childbirth and her twins are doing fine after a tough journey.

A young Wano man is reassured that Jesus completely paid his sin debt.

Missionaries and a local church will work together to plant a church in the people group.

Bobi died of malaria last week with her hope firmly fixed on the finished work of Christ.

Paul and Tina McDole minister in a remote Buru village and no stores are nearby.

Missionaries among the Morop people earn their gratitude caring for people hurt by machetes and an axe.

Many Wanos are now walking in the light of God's Word since putting their faith in Christ last week.

More than 80 Mois from 20 hamlets have put their faith in Christ after seven weeks of evangelistic Bible teaching.

Daapoi, a Dao Bible teacher, is passionately giving away the Gospel to those around him.

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