Mibu People Group News

Moving through milestones.

Geoff and Shannon Husa are excited to share some more news with you from Mibu!

Geoff and Shannon Husa desire to see Mibu believers stand their ground.

Maturity in the Mibu church.

There are so many tasks vying for Geoff and Shannon Husa’s attention!

Geoff and Shannon Husa and family are getting back into life in the tribe.

Geoff and Shannon Husa are returning to the Mibu in PNG this week.

The last few weeks have been filled with travelling for Geoff and Shannon Husa and family.

Prayer has been a huge part in the work among the Mibu people.

Geoff and Shannon Husa recently returned to Mibu after spending more than a month in town.

Preparing for more outreach and for translation checks in Mibu.

Continued improvement with literacy skills.

They grip their pencils with calloused, dirty hands, carefully scratching out words in a language that few can understand, and fewer still can read...

Bapeke stopped to drink a little water and catch his breath...

I can't believe what the missionary did! In front of my mother-in-law!

The hut was now a smoldering pile of ash...

Senare's taro plant is no ordinary plant...

A group of interface students visited the Mibu people to see how God has worked among them.

A missionary couple challenged and encouraged Interface students.

Everything about the letter commanded,“Read me and obey!”