Mengen People Group News

Rebecca Preheim is very happy to report that she was able to finish drafting the final book of the Mengen New Testament!

Rebecca Preheim finds it hard to believe that she has been back from PNG due to illness for six months already.

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis and Judah are still on track for returning to Papua New Guinea January 2018!

Bible teaching culminated on Christmas Day in another Mengen village.

Mengen believers are standing on their own feet.

It is a year since the Laureti family left South Africa for another term in Papua New Guinea.

Lourens was reminded recently of how wonderful unity is!

Lourens Laureti recently returned from an encouraging visit to the Mengen north coast outreach.

God knows what we need and when we need it.

Looking back and seeing the Lord’s gracious hand every step of the way.

Just before Christmas some believers asked Lourens Laureti a question.

The Laureti family are starting to feel settled back among the Mengen people.

When Lourens and Marie Laureti and family started their journey back to Papua New Guinea on the 27th October, it was bitter sweet.

Rebecca Preheim continues to work on translating the Bible into Mengen.

Pray and praise the Lord for the continued translation of the Bible in Mengen.

When God opens a door, things can change fast.

Missionaries often present a false picture of who they are due to having to try and maintain a certain status with their supporters.

The Mengen elders have never seen the likes of the cyclone before.

The Laureti family are extending their time of home assignment through 2015