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After three months of concentrated study in the tribe it was time to spend a few days in the city.

Dao believers have been amazed at what Jesus already did for them. Now they are astonished at what he is doing for them.

People who have recently learned to read are now finding out how to present God's Word.

What God asked of Moipi was big, and she had some very big fears. On top of that, it turned out her fears were very real.

Darcy Berglund wants to also encourage the Semandangs helping with Bible translation and others she is close to.

Wikipai never fully recovered from an illness that appeared as he taught in another village.

The Dao believer's older brother threatened to beat him and shoot him with an arrow.

Wikipai seemed near death in the distant village where he was sharing God's Word.

A Moi woman show no sadness when she buries her newborn son.

Up to 25 pigs will be slaughtered to help pay for a man's death -- and emotions could flare.

The Dao church is behind the two men and their families as they share God's Word.

The missionary training center in the Asia-Pacific region will begin orientation Monday with 42 students.

After a long absence, helicopter service is making its contribution to reaching tribal people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Environmental and cultural challenges result in praise to God.

When the initial answer was no, missionaries chose to pray.

A trip to the Lauje people helped visitors see what God is doing in the tribe.

Building their houses is taking the McClain and Flaugher familes one step closer to ministry among the Elseng people.

Missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips prepare to teach Dao believers how to bring God's Word to other villages.

Thinking about God's Word, a Moi man repents of his decision to kill a little girl.

Some Sekadaus have combined their traditional beliefs with a veneer of Christianity.

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