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The Richardson family experiences culture shock when they return to the USA from Mozambique.

Believers in the Asia-Pacific region hear Bible teaching about the great love of Jesus.

Kevin Miles shares evangelistic Bible lessons in the evening, when it is best for Roy.

A government representative encouraged Paul and Marina Briggs to resume their ministry among the Loron people of Ivory Coast.

Time off from Bible teaching is giving the Mwinika people time to think about what they’ve heard.

Phil Henderson helps clear up confusion and misunderstanding by focusing on God’s Word.

Some give clear testimonies after hearing the conclusion of five months of evangelistic Bible teaching.

Dave and Melissa Williamson get a lot of language help from a linguistics expert.

Bible teachers complete evangelistic Bible lessons in a village with a different dialect.

Jennie Phillips helps Paada through a tough childbirth.

Translating Ephesians into the Sekadau language is “a brain-twisting exercise.”

Bible teaching on Abel’s death and Seth’s birth strikes a chord with Dao mothers.

Missionaries Naomi and Cori recently experienced an unusual house dedication.

Everyone is in fear until the right things can be done to appease the spirit of the dead man.

Missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips are delighted to be able to help them.

Learning Nagi idioms is just one of the challenges facing missionaries who are preparing to share God’s Word.

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2011-04-22 | Prayer, Current News

“I have heard and understood God’s straight talk,” several believers testify.

In the absence of missionaries, Budik believers are taking leadership in the church.

After 15 years away, Tim and Rhonda Galipeau return to the Saluan tribe.

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