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A social drop-in visit clearly reveals a heart that God has prepared to hear His Word.

The missionary team has always known there would be a finish line for their ministry.

Missionaries who are studying culture and language are learning much more than how to translate words.

Mark and Joanne Hunters' neighbors think the house next door is home to more than 20 spirits.

Libanya helped other believers meet Jesus as well. He taught Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

More work on the Guarijio Bible translation is in line for this young man who is so intent on finding and following God's will.

Filipino believers travel many rough hours to spend a week teaching jungle Vacation Bible School.

In frustrations and delays, missionaries Matt and Christine Hamb have been reminded that God's plan is right on track.

An approved timeline sets the stage for future ministry to the Bolon people.

Patpatar believers are filled with joy at the changes that Firm Foundation Bible lessons from God's Word are making in their lives.

Simon Flanagan's study of Mengen is complete, so soon he'll present Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

An entire day of celebrating a wedding with Filipino friends is a joy and privilege for missionaries.

Missionaries are grateful for all who have given and worked to make this possible.

A Bible translator looks at details in the book of Exodus.

The church had the opportunity to see what God's Word says about persecution as they experience it.

For Brooks and Nina Buser, that means returning to a remote Yembiyembi village.

Wayne and Gail Chen and their family are excited about returning to their ministry to the Biem people.

The people fear that looking at one can cause paralysis or death.

Through Firm Foundation Bible lessons on Romans a Siar believer sees that only God can do this work.

Missionary Ruth Patton shares her honest struggles with ministry in a hard, dark place.

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