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Missionary Susie Locklin shares her research on the Bolon people group, who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

2012-06-08 | Africa, Current News, Prayer

Missionaries work toward the day they can share God's Truths with the Nahuatl people through Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Mengen believers reach out to serve with Christ's love in ways that make their persecutors wonder.

The urgency of language study is revealed in missionary Jim Elliott's conversation with his language helper.

Missionary Nikki Buckner shares insights on trusting God for her family.

Missionary Jen Pederson shares glimpses into the life of a missionary family returning to a faraway place of ministry.

When Linda Krieg's computer died, work on translation stopped -- until Norbert Huebner stepped in.

Reading and writing are important elements in Bible translation and sharing the Gospel.

Old Testament stories get intense response from those hearing them for the first time.

People from Pete and Liesl Hypki's home church helped finish their house so they could focus on learning the culture and language.

Learning cultural taboos is important preparation as Ric and Sharon Bruce get ready for ministry.

Influential people coming for a visit oppose the church and the spread of the Gospel.

Missionary Nathan Kelm will finally have an opportunity to meet the Guarayo people, among whom he hopes to minister.

Missionary Craig Schafer shares a little perspective after time away from tribal life.

Siar believers, hungry for God's Word, are getting more than seven hours of Bible teaching each week and are loving it.

Joel and Andi McMartin have learned enough French to become more involved.

A banana farm is planted with high hopes for future ministry.

Missionary Beth Devine shares a perspective on electrical power and on God's overruling power.

Joy and peace are replacing the fear and discord that have, until recently, reigned in this Mengen village.

A woman told missionary Nadia Hattingh that her womanizing husband has changed since hearing God's Word.

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