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Jethro learns the power of Saving Grace and how fatherhood is a great blessing, even when it means being a father to a child thought useless by a society.

Dan Bryant has completed his formal study of the Landuma language

Missionary Lourens Laureti weeps with joy for what God is doing in Mengen lives.

The believers are taking on responsibilities of leading and teaching.

Missionary Casey Cretsinger shares the doubled joy of twins in a culture where two babies seldom survive.

Missionary pilot, Mike McGregor, says this year has been full of "the craziest situations."

NTM missionary Brian Schaadt shares perspectives from his aviation ministry.

Trusting in Jesus gave Goma joy in life.

Missionary David Johanson evaluates where churches may be planted, and which established church may help.

Knowing the correct answers to questions doesn't necessarily mean lives will change.

Believers from the two tribes, who speak similar languages, will hear lessons on love and relationships.

A story of God's faithfulness to the Wusuraambyan believers.

Nok and Nute will help people learn to read and write, and lead preschool.

Married Wusuraambyan believers Willis and Kena saw how the Lord worked in their lives.

At a community game night, Angie Kaeselau steps into new territory to build relationships.

A volcanic eruption disrupted church planting efforts, so another tribal church stepped up.

Missionary Elijah Hall says this is one of the toughest questions faced by Bible translators and teachers.

Jenilaa was a rebellious teenager when she encountered the contagious joy of believers from another people group.

The staff members at Interface in Papua New Guinea are thankful at a whole new level for God's provision.

Missionaries Jamie and Char Hunt see deeper truths as they witness a local wedding ceremony.

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