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The people fear that looking at one can cause paralysis or death.

Through Firm Foundation Bible lessons on Romans a Siar believer sees that only God can do this work.

Missionary Ruth Patton shares her honest struggles with ministry in a hard, dark place.

Kent and Jenny Schafer visited the Maindo people among whom they plan to minister.

Young Ese Ejja men tragically turn from the Scriptural teaching of their childhood.

Siar believers are impacted and transformed by the teaching of Romans.

Even in hardships and delays, missionaries Dan and Judy Burke find big cause for thankfulness.

Gustavo had been helping prepare Bible lessons on patience and endurance when God made them real

The Simbari believer and all those who were watching were sure he was going to die.

This year, Simbari believers added children to their Easter worship celebration and drama presentation.

Missionary Don Schermerhorn shares the reaction of the Embera people when they viewed the Jesus Film in Embera.

Missionaries-in-training know their future work will flow from walking in the Spirit.

An Easter sunrise service at an altitude of 8,500 feet began a day of joyful celebration and sweet fellowship.

Missionary Lynne Strange shares a glimpse of God's powerful protection on an often-precarious journey.

Stephen Jordan triumphs in Christ to teach Firm Foundations Bible lessons to the Agutaynen people.

Malaumanda believers are glad Bible translators are putting more books in their language. Asia-Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Malaumanda People, Current News, Prayer

Five learn about church planting on a trip to the Pai Tavy Tera people.

It’s the thought that counts as the Flaugher family has an unconventional holiday.

Dao believers are encouraging hostile clan members to come listen to God's Word, but they just want to fight.

The Gerai couple is helping bring God’s Word to the Sekadaus.

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