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Lori Morley makes a long, steep hike up a mountain through the jungle in order to use a cell phone.

Even in training, NTM missionaries learn to build relationships to prepare hearts to hear and receive the Good News.

The Mengen believers are a changed people, and it shows in the way they treat others.

After missionaries Dubby and Anna Rodda had to leave their ministry for health reasons, a man from another tribe stepped up to share Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

The need for water is reaching a critical level, says missionary Terry Reed.

Lisa Kappeler must live downriver from the Uriay believers and can't spend the time she would like to with them.

A recent kidnapping is an open opportunity for God's grace.

A missionary ponders God's faithful, ongoing work all over the world.

Rebecca Beachy is grateful for new experiences in Mexico.

Believers from four tribes meet together for three days of teaching and fellowship.

Katie Moore sees a deeper truth when she accidently drains her rainwater holding tank.

A Dinangat Bible teacher is severely wounded and able to see God's Hand in it all.

Missionary Julie Martin shares the story of the first Akolet baptisms.

Charlie and Ruth Patton depend upon God's timing and trustworthiness.

A medical emergency opens the door to the Gospel for a young man in Papua New Guinea.

The Badyaranke people will soon hear Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Watching a young family being transformed by God's grace is exciting.

People came from far and wide by almost every means to see God's Word presented.

Guarijio believers are excited and hard at work on a creative new income source.

Many Dinangats had been dabbling in sorcery, but repented after the sin was made clear.

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