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God's faithful work builds a missionary home for His glory.

The Wusaraambyan believer has faced many trials recently, and now were 2-year-old son was ill with dysentery.

God's grace in their lives propels Jean and Sylvie toward a ministry to people with no opportunity to hear the Good News.

2013-01-21 | Africa, Current News, Prayer

Bible teaching from Acts is to begin soon.

Believers are growing, and both learning and teaching Firm Foundations Bible lessons.

Genesio now knows God can melt a heart of stone.

The Canadian government recognized Marg Jank for 50 years of service among a previously unreached people group.

Growth for Maslaumanda believers can be a series of stops and starts.

Musa's ordination brought many from the community who have never heard what Jesus did for them.

Believers are taking responsibility in the church, and some are being recognized as elders.

Prayer is needed that God will undertake and save the food supply of villages situated in flooded areas.

Missionary Jason Swanson takes role of helper on recent visit.

Kuman believers are composing and singing original praise songs.

Greg and Heidi Greenlaw return to visit Nakui believers and come away greatly encouraged.

Erica Dorsey is quite amazed that God has made a missionary of her.

A powerful truth emerges from a Hdi Bible translation session.

Time is short for the ailing and aging Akolet man.

The last construction stage of a house for missionaries ends in a joyous celebration.

Kuman believers are composing and singing original praise songs.

If you prayed for God to intervene and send rain to the drought-plagued Guarijio village, you'll be happy to read this update.

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