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Saafis can now hear God's Word taught online for the first time!

Regina has finally moved into her apartment and is enjoying having her own place.

The Mol family are making plans to return to the Netherlands.

Possible move to Papua New Guinea.

A life to be lived not a language to be learned...

Shortly after Esmé’s new hearing aid for one ear arrived in November, the hearing aid in the other ear began to fail!

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen have just taken the first phase of the Kankana-ey Bible lessons to the printers.

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock are enjoying their time in Latin America.

David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter have many reasons to thank the Lord.

2017-02-11 | Current News, Prayer, Mexico

Sascha and Damaris Kroecker praise God for Hiis continued goodness in their lives and ministry.

Recently there was another death in the Dom village where Jim and Judy Burdett live.

The next couple of months see a lot of activity and challenges in front of David and Chris Price.

At the start of a new year Barrie and Cherri Williamson, as always, wonder just what is ahead of them this year.

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach feel like they have new wind in their sails.

Lív Poulsen is thankful that her trip back to Senegal went well.

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo are serving the Konyagi of West Africa.

The truth of God’s Word is setting the North Wahgi people free.

Since finishing their missionary training at North Cotes College last summer, Chris and Ingrid Hughes have moved to Norway for a year.

The Easton family recently attended a Filipino wedding.

For Fernando and Tabitha da Silva the new year has been, and promises to be, full of exciting (and a little daunting) changes.

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