Akolet People Group News

Since putting his trust in Christ, Gili is no longer captive to the fear that has held his fellow Akolets in bondage.

This week the Akolet people heard what a string of multi-colored beads represented.

The Akolet man has been anxious to hear about the One who would rescue from sin and while working with missionary Adam Martin he got his questions answered.

A long string of multi-colored beads has the attention of the Akolet people. Next week missionaries plan to explain the purpose for them.

Missionaries are observers as 18 students begin literacy classes.

An Akolet man in Papua New Guinea can't wait to hear the rest of the story that will tell him about the One who will rescue his people.

With no acceptable way of referring to Him in the everyday language of the Akolets, missionaries turned to an archaic word for "create."

The Akolet man accepts what he's learning as he helps translate God's Word.

Working with Akolets Gili and Lonsi, Adam and Julie Martin discovered that their first translation gave Bilhah and Zilpah too much attention.

Missionaries and tribal co-workers will attend a workshop to learn more about Bible translation.

Missionaries to the Akolets in Papua New Guinea learn to check their words carefully before putting them to use.

Missionaries are learning stories about how the Akolet people of Papua New Guinea started their clans.