Akolet People Group News

Here’s a glimpse at being a missionary on a remote island in the South Pacific.

Church-planting and parenting are both full-time ministries.

The Akolet believers planned and held a celebration of remembrance in what Christ has done for them.

Missionary Julie Martin shares a glimpse of what God is doing to build His church.

Transformed lives are the visible display of answered prayer.

Time is short for the ailing and aging Akolet man.

Missionary Julie Martin shares the story of the first Akolet baptisms.

A frog came to a creek and thought he would jump across...

“Once I know the message of the Bible…”

An Akolet man is sharing Firm Foundations Bible lessons with three others.

A third group of Akolets is learning to read and write their own language. Pray for the Akolets who are teaching them: Gelio and his wife, Namaik; Tony and his wife, Amos; and Paip.

It’s rainy season, and gardens are not producing well. In addition, most of what has been growing is being uprooted by wild pigs.

That’s how many times missionary pilot Randy Smyth flew to support missionaries who brought God’s Word to the Akolet people – so far.

When Roi’s garden was uprooted, the other Akolet believers provided food.

The Akolet people sat stunned in silence.

The threat from another religious group may sound absurd, but it’s unsettling for new Akolet believers.

More than 2,300 verses in four languages are on the schedule for Ned Beall. He’s checking Scripture translations for the Siar, Akolet, Maleu and Lusi people groups.

"What about the Akolet people who died and haven't heard this message?"

The Akolet believers have just finished going through key accounts from the Old Testament from a new perspective.

The Akolet woman was kicked out of her garden co-op, but other believers stepped in to help her.