AgutaynenPeople Group News

One-step forward, two steps back!

Continuing to prepare to share the Gospel.

Philip and Vina Le Roux are currently helping with a building project at one of the elementary schools on their island.

This year marks the le Rouxs’ tenth anniversary of their arrival in the Philippines.

Philip has reached proficiency and is cleared to teach!

Preparing to bring hope to the hopeless.

No highlights or lows, just the daily work of getting done what needs to be done.

Sixteen hours of power make the day cooler.

The last few weeks have been busy and tough at times, but so rewarding now that the le Rouxs are finally “home” on the island!

Change is not always a s good as a rest.

Returning to the Philippines after home assignment.

Philip and Vina Le Roux are on home assignment.

The smiling faces in the photo are a result of the Lords amazing answer to prayer!

Work starts on the long awaited Agutaya airstrip

The le Roux family have received many blessings from the Lord.

God has removed the mountain and laid foundations

Relief still needed for the Agutaynen people.

When the wind and rain picked up, a section of the Le Roux’s zinc roof came loose and water streamed in through their windows and walls.

It's been a year for Stephen Jordan of teaching God's Word in the Agutaynen language.

Knowing the correct answers to questions doesn't necessarily mean lives will change.