Agta People Group News

This season where the Agta live is absolutely breath taking.

The overwhelming reaction to the Gospel message has been positive.

Week eight teaching will introduce the Agta people to the long awaited Saviour.

Week five was HOT… and SWEATY…. and a LOT of fun!

Already into the second week of teaching! Can you believe it?

Teaching is soon to start among the Agta.

Donovan and Charla Epp and family are again out of the tribe.

Typhoon Koppu recently passed over the Philippines causing damage.

Don and Charla Epp’s return to the tribe was quite eventful.

It’s pack-up and clean up time as the Epp family’s home assignment comes to an end.

Thank you for praying for the ‘Auction Day’ at Charla Epp’s parents’ farm.

It seems like yesterday, that the Epp family were waiting in the tribe for weather to clear in order for them to return to Canada.

Sometimes being in the tribe takes some survival.

Supply buyers and pilots are a HUGE part of the Agta missionary team.

The eye of a typhoon passes over the area where missionaries are ministering to the Agta people.

A real life snake experience gives an illustration for a Bible lesson

Despite misunderstandings because of language the missionary team among the Agta people are encouraged.

A day in the life of the Epps.

The Dupaninan Agta receive medical teaching in their own language.

The Agta team is planning a large teaching event this summer.